Pinterest Project

Oh Pinterest! I have a slight love-hate relationship with it. I love that I can be swept away in this fantasy world where I have a huge kitchen, all my photos of my family are blissful and in focus. I eat healthy, look awesome and have a stylin’ wardrobe. This is all according to my boards.

But how often to I look back at my boards. Rarely.

I love the idea of having a Vision board of all that I would like to experience yet, with pinterest, It’s all about pinning and less about the vision.


I am going to do something radical. Since our anniversary is coming up on July 23, I have created a vision board for our next anniversary and I will check in next year (July 23, 2013) and see what visions have manifested!

Join me on Pinterest and start your Pinterest Project too! (Post your link to your board in the comments!) I would love to see your future!

Category: Zen Time
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